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A Summary and Critique of

David Perlmutter’s

Brain Maker

What Scientists Say About The Power of Gut Microbes

to Heal and Protect Your Brain

by M.B. Levenbrook

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Part I. A Summary of Medical Research and Findings Reviewed in Dr. Perlmutter’s Brain Maker
*****The Gut as a Second Brain
*****The Connection Between the Gut and Mental Health
*****The Key Mechanisms That Lead to Brain Degeneration
*****Good Bacteria and Bad Bacteria
*****Bacteria Help Fight Stress
*****Cortisol and the Gut Bacteria
*****Human Genome and Bacteria
*****The Forces that Work Against the Gut Bacteria
*****Caesarean Delivery and the Gut Microbiome
*****Bacteria Can Make People Fat
*****The Gut Microbiome and Human Health
*****Leaky Gut and the Problems It Causes
*****The Gut Microbiome and Mitochondria
*****Fecal Transplants and Obesity
*****Using Gut Bacteria to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes and Some Other Diseases
*****The Gut Bacteria Reduce the Risk of Brain Disease
*****Antacids, Digestive Enzymes and Gut Health

Part II. A Summary of Dr. Perlmutter’s Strategies for a Healthy Gut
*****1. Avoid a Caesarian Section
*****2. Choose Breastfeeding
*****3. Avoid Unnecessary Use of Antibiotics
*****4. Avoid Refined Sugar and Processed Fructose
*****5. Avoid Genetically Engineered Foods and Pesticides
*****6. Eat Probiotic Foods
*****7. Eat Prebiotic Fiber
*****8. Diet for a Healthy Gut

Part III. A Critique of the Principal Messages in Brain Maker



This is not the actual David Perlmutter’s Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain–for Life. The primary objective of this book is to bring insightful discussion and critique of David Perlmutter’s Brain Maker to readers everywhere.

The publisher and author of this book make no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of these contents and disclaim all warranties. The publisher or author of this book is not liable for any damages whatsoever. This book is not endorsed or affiliated with David Perlmutter, or any person or entity associated with his book, Brain Maker. Do not purchase this book if you are looking for a full copy of David Perlmutter’s Brain Maker.

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